The everyday philanthropist

Samantha Capizzano ’14 attributes some of her best life experiences to Mohawk. It is where she found a place of belonging amongst her classmates in the small, tight-knit community of the Broadcasting – Television and Communications Media program.

By Cheryl Stornelli ‘07

Spending countless hours inside and outside of the classroom exploring her passion for broadcasting was common for Samantha Capizzano ’14.

“I wanted to soak up as much knowledge as I could from my professors and fellow students,” she said.

Her eagerness to learn paid off.

Upon graduating about six years ago, Samantha’s career has been on an upward trajectory. She began working for Blue Ant Media, a Canadian broadcasting and media company based in Toronto, Ontario. Her first role was as a master control operator, where she quickly worked her way up to the position of manager of broadcast services, overseeing master control and closed captioning. She has been a part of the company’s change and growth, including multiple channel launches, switching broadcast systems, and expanding channel lists. Samantha feels that her time at Mohawk gave her the necessary skills to launch and maintain a successful career in broadcasting.

“I apply so much of what I learned at Mohawk and I still use the connections from Mohawk in my day-to-day job. My life has been great since graduating!”

After receiving her last promotion, Samantha felt fortunate to be doing so well and having job security through the COVID-19 pandemic. She reflected on the time she won the Douglas Gale/Frank DeNardis Scholarship that helped her pay off student debt. “It gave me a sense of relief to know that the money could help pay off some of my school debt.”

When the Mohawk College Foundation Gift Catalogue arrived in her inbox, she was thrilled to give back to the school that gave her so much.

“I wanted to offer whatever help I could to a fellow Mohawk student who may be struggling in a tough climate,” said Samantha. She hopes that her philanthropy will inspire others to give, and remind graduates that the sense of community they felt as a student does extend into their careers. “There will always be someone looking out for a fellow Mohawk student.