Convocation Speakers

Congratulations Class of 2023!

In June, we welcomed graduates to Fennell Campus and in July we celebrated the first graduating class from our Mississauga Campus!

Thank you to our alumni speakers for sharing their words of advice with the Class of 2023!


Lacey Vanevery Portrait

Lacey Vanevery | Practical Nursing, 2006; Registered

Practical Nurse to BSCN, 2015

Nurse Manager, Indigenous Services Canada, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Ontario Region

“For those ready to enter the workforce, you will be faced with challenges, sometimes those challenges are within your control and sometimes those challenges are a product of an inefficient system.  You may regard those challenges with questions of did I choose the right career?  Is this what I really want to do?  Is there more that I should be doing?  To answer those questions, I remind you to follow your passion.  Remember why you chose this path.  Remember the story of your inspiration to get to this point. We all have a story.”


Brandon Partridge Portrait

Brandon Partridge | Police Foundations, 2008

Accounts Director, Gardaworld Security

“The learning does not stop here. Over your career, you will encounter thousands of opportunities to learn something new, especially as time goes on and the industry changes. I would not be in the position I am today if it was not for the various learning and working opportunities I was presented with. I want to leave you with one piece of advice. Never be afraid to try something new, learn something new or experience something you have never done before it could lead you to bigger and better things. The world is full of exciting opportunities!”


Martha Castillo-Milisenda Portrait

Martha Castillo-Milisenda | Early Childhood Education, 2003; Social Service Worker, 2010 

Early Childhood Educator, HamiltonWentworth Catholic District School Board; Photographer, Lisita Photography. 

“Over many years of my experience, I’ve established and gathered my own set of resources that I like to consider my ‘toolbox’. In my current teaching career, resiliency and perseverance are the tools I use most often because it can be challenging to radiate positivity when you are struggling on the inside. Graduates, I challenge you to seek what tools you want to have in your toolbox. There is much reward and success in challenges, embrace them and face them head on, they will make you stronger! Never go a day without your toolbox.”


Juanita Gledhil Portrait

Juanita Gledhil | Human Resources, 2001 

Principal, MCC Group Inc. 

"I encourage you to do the following: Care about your work and doing a good job; When you make a mistake – and you will – I still do – own it and learn from it, and move forward; Support your colleagues – supporting others takes nothing away from you and in fact develops you into a great team member and potential leader; Appreciate what others see as your potential, but never let anyone else drive your career. Enjoy your career – there will be highs and lows and that’s okay – that mirrors life – get through the lows and relish the highs, celebrate them!”


Joe Futino Portrait

Joe Futino | Computer Systems Technology, 1995 

VP, Information Technology and Supply Chain Solutions at a leading Canadian healthcare logistics company 

“I wish someone told me to celebrate every accomplishment. There are going to be moments when you feel that you are not doing enough or not achieving enough in a certain period of time. You may become so caught up in this mentality that you might forget to celebrate your accomplishments along the way. Celebrate the moments you learn something new, no matter how big or small. Celebrate an opportunity to grow and celebrate the moments that you feel genuine happiness in your chosen career.”


Joal Roshko Portrait

Joal Roshko | Construction Engineering Technician - Building Renovation, 2010 

President, Heartwood Renovations 

"As you step out into the world as graduates, I urge each one of you to be the driving force of change. Seek opportunities to create positive impacts through your work. Embrace collaboration. Push boundaries and take chances professionally. Dream big and never be afraid to fail. You will need to be patient as you set your goals for your future. Everything takes time. Continued success has never been built overnight. However, a strategic approach, unwavering dedication and a passion for what you do will sure lead you down your path of success."